Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and hopefully by now, you will have had a good browse and seen all of the lovely work we have to offer. 
LOBI creative was started by myself, Becca, in 2017. 

Prior to this, I have been painting and illustrating for years.
It is a huge passion of mine, and for those who know me well, I never go anywhere without a sketch pad and a pencil. 
So the name..... 
If you are wondering where LOBI creative comes from,
Lobi was and still is my nickname, and has been for years now.
So what better name for a business, than my own. 
Our products... 
We have been running for a couple of years, so we are still expanding with new designs and product ranges launched regularly throughout the year.
Keep up to date on our social media, or sign up to our newsletter to find out about new product releases. 

Just in case you don't see anything on our site that takes your fancy, or are looking for something unique for that special someone,
get in touch with us as we are happy to create your very own, individual piece of art, all at affordable prices.

As well as running LOBI creative, I am a freelance creative, working with a variety of clients and a number of projects. This of course includes many watercolours, but also branding and packaging design. You may have seen some of my work in the form of children lamp shades in B&Q and education boards at Lulworth, Dorset. If it is variety you are after, I certainly offer that.